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There are some many casino sites these days that try to compete with each other. To know which site to choose is not that easy. In our blog below you will find the latest information about new casino sites. There are also other options to look for useful facts that can help you to compare and find a new site. Compare and find the best options at It has never been easier to rank and get a correct picture of casinos as today in the UK. This is due to that in the United Kingdom there is a regulation that force websites to write all the terms and conditions. Historically it has been pretty easy to market sites with bonus offers that are not correct. If they are correct your often have to make multiple deposits and wager the bonus many times. With more and more regulated markets you will find the best new casino sites much easier.

Yggdrasil teams up with Nitro Circus

Earlier this year, Swedish game makers Yggdrasil announced that they have launched their first exclusive branding collaboration with collective Nitro Circus. Together they have developed an action sports slot game: the new Nitro Circus Slot, that will be released later this November.

Nitro Circus – Action on another level

Nitro Circus is the world’s foremost group when it comes to action sports and is led by Travis Pastrana, a motorsport professional and multiple X Games medalist. Nitro Circus offers crazy stunts and fast-paced tricks performed by the world’s top action sport-stars. Yggdrasil plans to release the new slot machine in November as Nitro Circus performs in Europe on its “You Got This” tour.

Launch Event in Malta

Last week, Yggdrasil and Nitro celebrated the cooperation and the upcoming game with a major launch event in Malta. 100 industry guests were invited to barbecue and a show where two of Nitro Circus world-renowned BMX stars; Todd Meyn and Kurtis Downs, performed with some daring stunt tricks. Guests also had the opportunity to try the upcoming game in a “Slot Shots”-tournament.

If you were not lucky enough to get a preview of the slot at the Malta-event (we did’t either) then we can at least recommend watching the trailer found on down bellow.

Our second tip this week is that Yggdrasil holds a contest where you have the chance to experience Nitro Circus live!

Right now you can play selected Yggdrasil games at casino Bethard for the chance to win a VIP trip to Paris and tickets for the Nitro Circus live show with 3 of your friends.

To compete, complete the following assignments on three of Yggdrasil’s most popular games:

Vikings Go Wild: Collect 30 free spins symbols.
Golden Fish Tank: Win 4 times in a row.
Holmes and the Stolen Stones: Collect 5 diamond shards.

The player who performs the assignments on at least number of rounds wins the coveted first prize. But it doesn’t end there .There’s a total of 399 winnings that go to the players entering on place 2 to 400.

Something extraordinary

The initial price is something extraordinary. Not only do you get a trip to Paris for you and three friends as well as VIP tickets for an incredible live show with the world’s leading actionport collective. The travel package also includes 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, a helicopter trip overlooking the Eiffel Tower and a stop in Versailles for drinks, three-course gourmet meal in the Eiffel Tower; and much more. And did we mention that you can meet the Nitro Circus drivers when you attend the live show? Visit Bethard today to attend the competition for your chance to experience Nitro Circus live.

History of chess

You can say the harbinger of chess had originated in India. In the early 6th century its first form was played as chaturanga which means the four parts of the military the cavalry, elephantry, infantry, and charity. When in the game, each of these is represented by some wood pieces in the shape of these entities. In the modern day, these are knight, bishop, pawn and rook respectively.

Entry into Persia

Further delving into the history of chess we can say that it was introduced into Persia later from India. It came to be known as chatrang which evolved into the present day name as shatranj. The rules were also changed and developed into the current day form. When the opponent king was attacked and could not escape it was called ‘shah mat’ meaning king is helpless.
These exclamations became very popular and remained as the utterances when a similar occurrence was experienced while playing not only in Persia but also in other lands where it travelled. Yes, chess had found its way to other territories due its unique nature and interest developed specially by the ruling class in the game.

Change of names according to the region of its entry

As the game travelled to different places from Persia the pieces and the game itself got different names. This game became popular in the Muslim world. In Persia, the parts arrived the Persian names, and the game was called Shatranj. In Africa, it was known as shattered. Later it travelled to Europe where there were many name changes like ajedrez, acres or axedrez in Spanish, Xadrez in Portuguese and zatrikion in Greek. The Persian version shah was replaced by other versions like ludus in Latin, escapes in Catalan, Scacchi in Italian and echecs in French. In other countries also different names like say in polish, schaken in Dutch and sahs in Latvian and so on became prevalent.

history of chess

The theories why the change happened

There are different theories on why the change in the name of the game occurred. Usually when the king is cornered the player exclaims check or checkmate as the situation may be. The people of different languages used to pronounce these in their communications. This originated from the original expression shah mat which eventually became the present day checkmate.
It is not easy to pronounce any word from other languages, so the localisation of the words takes place. As in all the words so also in chess, this change of name has occurred, and the game came to be known in the local name rather than shatranj as it was called by Persians and from where it spread to other parts of the world.

Present day chess

Today in the world English is the most popular language. As in many other things, the English names have become popular so has the English name chess become more popular today. The rules also came to change, and some of the moves also changed, but a few of them were retained and are used even today. The number of pieces and the board remains unchanged even now with a total of 32 pieces and 64 square boards. Most of the changes that occurred to modify to the present form came to be done in European countries like Italy and Russia where a lot of development has taken place due to its popularity there.
We also like to keep an eye for new forms of online chess. writes about new casinos 2018 in the UK if there is any news regarding online chess they will surely be on top of it!

Now it is played as a sport which originated in London in 1845. And till date, it has continued to attract many a player to play it as a sport or just for fun. Today you even have the digital version of the game. On you can read the latest happenings about playing games online such as Chess and many others. The online world of playing games has really grown big in the last decade.

Play for free? – New Casino Sites

Can you really play for free at an online casino? Yes you can! Here we will tell you more about ways to play your favorite games; without costing you a single coin.

If you ask 100 people what’s best way to play casino games forfree; you’ll get quite a few different answers. Here we look closer on some reasons, that by far are the most important things when it comes to free games; and how to benefit from them and sometimes even – win money for free.

Practice makes perfect

You learn the rules of the game – As with cycling or other activities; training makes perfect with games on new casino sites 2018 as well.  When it comes to slots, it’s best to test the game and see how it’s built from the ground up. The biggest advantage in classic table games; is where you can practice different strategies and gain deeper knowledge of the games Roulette and Blackjack.

You don’t lose money

Because the game is completely free, it does not cost you a single cent. You can afford to make mistakes, and do not need to think about losses at all. In case you make use of an No Deposit Bonus offer, or use free spins; you can actually earn money as well. Depending on how your sales requirements look; you can either pick them out directly –  or use them to play on and thus get a lot of time with free slots.

Many online casinos are pretty much the same, and offer the same game range; but there are also a lot of variations. Using free casino games, you can explore the different gaming sites and find the ones that suits you the best. No matter what kind of game you use, you’ll get to know the many gaming machines on offer. It will then be a free and fun ride,  and you can also find really fun games that you can invest in with real money; and a good deposit bonus!

Play for free with demo games

This kind of free game is something that many beginners enjoy. You use it to learn the different games, and test how they work. It’s also a great way to play with really high bets; or to play a little more even if you’ve reached your game budget for the month. Testing fun games is fun and provides lots of entertainment, and best of all is that you can play without registration.

Why playing at new websites

There are many reasons for choosing a new casino sites. For many of us casino players there are always exciting to play at new casinos where the graphic is better, the bonuses are more generous and the support is personal and friendly. We at New Casino Sites has come to the understand that playing on new websites are better than playing a old established casinos where there is no new innovation, no great bonuses and the support is often not very friendly. On this website we will regularly write about new casino sites that we like. We will only recommend the best of the best to make sure that you have fun at the wheels and tables.

If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve our content and service for you as a casino players. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are more than happy to give you our best recommendations so you can have more fun, get more bonus and hopefully become the next lucky winner of a big jackpot.

In addition to new casinos we will also write about new slots. Often in combination with a great offer. When a new slot is released there are often a very good no deposit bonus for the new slot so you can try it out for free. This is of course very good for you as a casino player. So make sure to bookmark this page and visit us on a daily basis to get most out of your game! Have fun!